The 15 best tool boxes and kits, according to reviews

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Whether you need to fix your air conditioner or hang up that affordable artwork you snagged on a discount, a quality tool kit can help.

Or, perhaps your workbench is filled to the brim with a hammer, a wrench and a million and one drivers to get the job done. With a hefty inventory, a great tool box may be of interest.

Now, you don’t have to worry about having one on hand with the 15 best tool boxes and kits of 2022 we corralled based on happy and content DIY-focused reviewers.

Not only do we love our handy-driven picks, but we also can’t stop raving about the eTape16 Digital Electronic Tape Measure ($40) that made the cut in our Amazon Father’s Day gift guide.

Ahead, shop the best ones on the market and read on for what the reviews will reveal — there’s many five-star ratings to peruse before your purchase.

Reviews: 27,000+

Cartman 39-Piece Tool Set

If the astronomically high reviews don’t speak for themselves, we’ll speak on behalf of Cartman’s top-rated 39-Piece Tool Set. Not only does it come in a variety of color options, but it’s the essentials kit to cover most, if not all, your small home repairs.

One reviewer says she “hid this tool box in the China cabinet [so her contractor husband wouldn’t take it with him] and has used it multiple times.” For less than $30, you can’t go wrong.

Reviews: 12,000+

Dewalt 168-Piece Mechanics Tool Kit

If you’re a car owner (or know someone who is) Dewalt’s 168-Piece Mechanics Tool Kit is great to have on hand. The tools have a polished chrome vanadium finish and DirectTorque technology to help prevent the fasteners from rounding, along with providing a stronger grip.

One reviewer says this set is “organized in a strong case and everything snaps into place,” unlike others where, if a tool drops out, they have to be placed back into ultra-specific inserts — not with this bundle.

Reviews: 5,100+

WorkPro 103-Piece Pink Tool Kit

Every gal wants a posh-pink tool set, right? To have for those small home emergencies, WorkPro’s 103-Piece Pink Tool Kit is the less-than-$50 kit you need to turn you into Mrs. Fix-It in an instant.

One reviewer says she purchased it for her 10-year-old daughter who earned a tool set after helping her with some plumbing work. “They are real good tools with good construction; she loves them and will be helping her father fix things around the house,” she said.

Reviews: 2,600+

Husky 270-Piece Mechanics Tool Set
The Home Depot

As one of the leading brands for tool sets, Husky has a phenomenal 270-Piece Mechanics Tool Set that includes three ratchets, 148 sockets, 14 wrenches and 105 accessories. Plus, their fully polished chrome finish easily and effectively wipes off dirt and oil.

One reviewer says “the price and warranty is the best,” while another’s rating — short and sweet — says “10/10.” If you’re looking to own one heavy-duty fix-it set for your car, this one’s it.

Reviews: 23,000+

Dewalt TStack Tool Box, yellow and black

Engineered to perfection is Dewalt’s TStack Tool Box. Not only is it affordable but it has an extra-roomy capacity for larger tools, a bi-material handle for easy lifting when handling on-the-go improvement projects and has a top organizer for storing drills and bits.

One reviewer says she’s a hobby photographer who “actually bought these cases as a storage and transport system for [her] cameras and equipment.” Versatility aside, another reviewer gratefully writes, “thank you, Dewalt, for innovating the age-old toolbox and making it into something far more useful than ever before.”

Drumroll, please, for our favorite line (and one we agree with to a T): “you’ve done to toolboxes here what Dyson has done to vacuum cleaners!”

Reviews: 31+

Craftsman 2000 Series Rolling Tool Cabinet, red and black
Ace Hardware

Don’t let the number of reviews fool you — Craftsman’s 2000 Series Rolling Tool Cabinet is innovative and serves as the perfect garage storage system for your tools. It even has a keyed internal locking system to safeguard your precious items.

One reviewer says “it’s very well-built and easy to assemble,” while another deems it “the perfect size” and “well-made.” And, if we’re being honest, it brings a glimmer of Grease Lightning vibes to your home.

Reviews: 23,000+

Dewalt Tool Box with Wheels, black

If you thought the original Dewalt Tool Box was elite (which it is), think again. Redefined with wheels, this fan-favorite option is difficult to ignore.

Notably, it has a push-button opener that’s designed for simple opening and gathering of your tools. It also has anti-rust metal latches which makes it a durable, well-worth-it purchase.

One reviewer says he was “shocked by the amount of space [he] could fit in the tool box.” Not only was he “extremely happy with [his] purchase” but so are a wealth of other reviewers, making it a No. 1 Amazon best-seller.

Reviews: 6,800+

Harbor Freight Pittsburgh 130-Piece Tool Set with Case
Harbor Freight

If you’re looking for heavy-duty quality on a budget, consider Harbor Freight’s Pittsburgh 130-Piece Tool Set. Clad with a hardback case, it has everything you need for both home and automotive repairs: a hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and more.

One reviewer says “it’s a great little set for beginners and advanced,” while another says it’s a “great value for a great price.” We couldn’t agree more with both of these sentiments, too.

Reviews: 1,600+

Milwaukee Electric Tools Kit, red case

Not all tool sets were made equal, and, for some, their wishlist item includes a cordless drill. With Milwaukee’s Electric Tools Kit, you’ll receive battery-powered drills, along with an already included five-year warranty.

One reviewer says “the medium speed worked for all of my screws,” though he “likes how [he] can select the speed/torque of the impact just like the drill.” It’s something great to have on hand (and makes an excellent gift, too).

Reviews: 3,400+

ProStormer 210-Piece Household Tool Kit, black and royal blue

Nothing screams tool set more than black and royal blue hardware so, naturally, ProStormer’s 210-Piece Household Tool Kit fits the bill. Colors aside, it’s quite reputable, namely for its high-quality steel pieces and multipurpose nature for small and large-scale home projects alike.

One reviewer says he flipped a condo using just this kit and he would “recommend it to anyone who wants a ‘most of the tools you might need’ set.” Impressively, it’s less than $100.

Reviews: 15,300+

Black+Decker 68-Piece 20V Max Drill & Home Tool Kit

Black+Decker makes some of our favorite products (like lawn mowers and toaster ovens), so it’s no surprise the brand’s 68-Piece 20V Max Drill & Home Tool Kit is well-received by Amazon reviewers. Incredibly, its lithium ion battery holds a charge for up to 18 months, is compact with the included case and one of the best to bring with you on the go.

One reviewer says “don’t let the size fool you: it’s small but strong and a great package deal.” Another reviewer says she was “able to install [her] curtains, a couple of shelving units, hang [her] art and put together all [her] new furniture,” with the title of her review, “perfect tool set for an independent woman!

Reviews: 29+

Kobalt 267-Piece Household Tool Set with Soft Case

Kobalt is one of the most searched-for tool kit brands on the market, and for a good reason — you get a lot of bang for your buck, without compromising quality.

All the pieces inside the kit are made with chrome vanadium steel and were even heat-treated for durability and strength with a professional high-polish finish. Plus, it has nearly everything you’d need.

One reviewer says “if I travel, go camping or want to do a small project around the house, I feel this set has everything I need,” while another says he “threw a power drill in the bag, and now it holds the tools for probably 90 percent of everyday jobs.”

Reviews: 7+

Weather Guard Aluminum Saddle Tool Box
Tractor Supply Co.

Though the number of reviews isn’t astounding, Weather Guard’s Aluminum Saddle Tool Box is the investment-worthy storage vault your workbench collection needs to stay organized. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, it won’t rust, is easy to install and has a tamper-resistant push-button lock that helps protect against break-ins.

One reviewer says it’s a “good quality toolbox that was easy to install on [his] truck” and “holds a good amount of tools.” Another reviewer says it allows him to “pack suitcases when traveling because it’s mounted with brackets.” If you’re willing to splurge, we recommend it completely.

Reviews: 1,000+

CLC Work Gear Open-Top Soft-Sided Tool Box with 27 Pockets, black

We found the soft-to-the-touch, easy-carry tool box that makes a great gift for yourself or the handy person you know. CLC Work Gear’s Open-Top Soft-Sided Tool Box, impressively, has 27 pockets and compartments to efficiently store different nuts and bolts. Simply put: it has all the bells and whistles.

One reviewer says “it’s a pretty tough bag and has held up for a year now with no complaints.” Another person wrote, “I have all standard mechanics tools and then some; I repair forklifts for a living and am constantly hauling my tools from customer to customer — this bag is worth the money.”

Reviews: 280+

iFixit Essential Electronics Tool Kit, blue
Best Buy

Add to your smart home devices stockpile with iFixit’s Essentials Electronics Tool Kit. For just $25, you’ll have opening picks, tweezers, 16 precision screwdriver bits and more that are all adjustable. With a magnetized case and built-in sorting tray, it’s the golden bundle.

One reviewer says this kit “pretty much saved me $100,” highlighting how it’s a “must-have to replace the LCD on your phone for do-it-yourselfers.” Another reviewer dubs it as the “perfect set for beginner repair/maintenance,” detailing how his little cousin was showing interest in electronics repairs and was comfortable to use.

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