How Long Can You Drive on New Tires Without Alignment?

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Most drivers know that when they drive on new tires without alignment, their vehicle will likely wear quickly and need a new alignment after a certain amount of time. This is because the surface is starting to wear unevenly near the centers of the tires. If you have ever driven on new wheels without a professional wheel alignment service, you probably found that the car started to shake and noises started coming from the back wheels. That’s because the center of the wheels was beginning to lose contact with the road as the weight of the car or truck started to shift into the back wheels.

Modern alignment systems

You probably didn’t think about how much weight you are carrying in the car, but if you multiply your weight by five 5%, you’ll find that you’re carrying nearly twice your car’s weight. The same thing goes for your vehicle. When it’s time to change your alignment, you should always start at the back wheels and work your way to the front. It’s not only safer but it’s also the most logical way to go. If you’ve never taken your car off of new rubber, you may be concerned about damaging the alignment. However, with modern alignment systems, you can enjoy the benefits of a new alignment without worrying about doing damage to your alignment machine.

Cost less than a tank of gas

The benefit of a wheel alignment service is that it allows you to drive on new tires without alignment service if necessary. This is because when you change your tires without a wheel alignment service, the tires will already be aligned to the manufacturer’s specifications. If you were to buy new tires without a wheel alignment service, you would need to have them drilled and aligned by a professional wheel alignment service nearby in New Orleans. Alignment services typically cost less than a tank of gas.

Also, when you have a professional do the alignment service, they can spot any problems right away. Say, for example, that you notice a small dent in one of your tires. You shouldn’t drive on that tire. If you had an alignment service done, though, your dealer can spot the dent immediately and ensure that you get a new tire. This could mean the difference between having a one-gallon fuel fill and a three-gallon fuel fill. It’s certainly better than having to drive a few miles to the nearest gas station to get a refill.

Safe practice

Not only is the alignment service a great way to drive on new tires without losing power when you change direction, but it’s also a safe practice. When a professional takes care of the task, there’s little danger of damaging the alignment machine itself. Damage can be prevented if the alignment service is performed by someone who has experience. The last thing a car owner wants is for their alignment machine to fail while they’re driving, so taking care of the machine is going to be worth the extra few dollars in higher fuel costs.

Also, when a professional aligns your tires, they ensure that your wheels are set properly. When they’re not, there’s a big chance that the car will start to drive strangely. The driver may be trying to catch up to something, but it’s more likely that they will be coming out of turns too quickly. And this, of course, will end in disaster. The driver will probably end up spending, or they’ll make a mistake when they come around a corner and come into contact with a tree or another vehicle.

Provide exceptional wheel alignment service

These professionals know what they’re doing, which is why they provide such exceptional service. When a professional does the alignment service on your car, they know which wheels need to be aligned. Then, the process will be carried out accordingly. A good alignment service usually lasts a couple of hours, which is more than enough time for a bus driver to get back to work.

Having new tires without alignment service is an option, but one that shouldn’t necessarily be taken. If a driver is going to drive without these specialists, they might very well end up speeding up and making mistakes when they come around a turn. And this can lead to disaster. For an average driver, however, it might be the best option.

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