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Mary N

The next life of EV batteries

A frequent misunderstanding about EVs is that the moment the battery has outlived its useful existence powering your vehicle, it results in being small more than scarp, consigned to landfill.

Even so, not only can up to 98 for each cent of an EV battery be recycled and turned into new batteries for electric powered automobiles (see individual sidebar), it can also be refurbished and put to use as electrical power storage for family and industrial apps.

A great deal like the battery in your smartphone, which degrades around time, so way too the battery of an EV will get to the conclusion of its doing the job daily life at some issue.

Commonly, this transpires when the battery reaches around 70-80 for every cent of its primary capability. And even though that is no lengthier enough to be thought of feasible for an EV, it’s more than more than enough to be provide as a method of electrical power storage.

Most manufacturers of electric powered autos are looking at substitute methods to repurpose batteries. In Japan, outdated batteries from a Nissan Leaf EV are now utilised to offer electrical power to minimal-strength applications these types of as road lights and railway crossings.

In the US, Common Motors employs the expired batteries from its Chevrolet Volt to power its back-up info centre in Michigan.

But it’s not just business applications that reward from an EV battery’s 2nd lifetime. Any dwelling fitted with rooftop solar panels will require to retailer the strength harnessed from the sunshine, the perfect canvas for a lithium-ion battery taking pleasure in a 2nd existence. – Rob Margeit

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