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BATAVIA — Chad Homan used last week’s appearance at Genesee Speedway as a tune up for this Saturday’s RUSH Late Model Tour race; not only did he win last week, he got the notes he needed and was able to claim his original goal: winning his first RUSH Tour race.

“We don’t run a whole lot of (RUSH Tour races), but I’ve been trying for six years now. This one feels good!” stated Homan in Victory Lane. “With what Lazer has given us this year I knew if we ever had a chance to get one it would be in these next three races.”

Homan, of Macedon, NY, used an aggressive restart on lap 12 to move around Joe Martin, then without the aid of the yellow, used the bottom lane to navigate through lapped traffic to stretch his advantage and claim the big win at Genesee Speedway with a total of 36 late models on hand.

“Joe was tough. I couldn’t get around him on the (lap 11 restart) but I got a better launch on the second one and was able to get around him and then I was able to set my pace.”

The lap 12 restart saw leader Joe Martin choose the inside line for the restart, not always the ideal groove at Genesee Speedway on a restart and Homan was able to capitalize on that as he rim-rode around turns one and two to dive ahead entering the next set of corners. Martin drove in deep and made contact with the No. 91 but Homan was able to keep his car straight and took the lead and would not relinquish it as his car would stick like it was on pavement on the bottom of the track while many of the cars preferred to roam near the top groove.

“We came here last week as a test and got the car to rotate the bottom and I figured once we got to lapped traffic if I could get the bottom working that I’d be good.”

As Homan drove away, John Waters was able to move up and take second from Martin but was able to close the gap on the leader and would settle for second. Martin’s third place result was a fine effort for a driver that had seen the 1/3-mile oval two other times. Rounding out the top five were week two winner Jeremy Wonderling in fourth and Logan Roberson, who despite being at Genesee for the first time, set quick time and rounded out the top five

At the end of the night, the Sportsman hit the track and found a bottom groove that had speed and that was to the benefit of Dave Conant, who got his No. 44 locked down in that groove and drove off for his first win of the year.

After losing the lead on the opening circuit, Conant moved back underneath Kyle Richner on lap four and took a healthy lead all the way to the first caution of the race on lap 22. The race’s only restart would have no change in the top spot as “Cadillac” checked out and was untouched for his first win of the year.

“Sometimes (having a fast bottom groove) can be to my detriment, but we have worked really hard to be good down there and it worked tonight,” said Conant in Victory Lane. “I want to race on the bottom, anyone can just ring around the top.”

As Conant was driving out to a healthy lead on the lap 23 restart, the spots behind him were swapping quickly. Cam Tuttle, who was in sixth before the yellow flag, restarted in fifth and was able to rim-ride around to the second position to salvage a tough night. Kyle Richner was able to hang on to third after leading early while Noah Walker drove up to fourth, ahead of Phil Vigneri III, who rounded out the top five.

Bill Taylor won last week’s Street Stock Feature despite getting involved in two wrecks, on this Saturday thing went much smoother for the defending champion as he led all 20 laps without issue to capture the win. Taylor, of Arcade, had to fix broken motor mounts on his No. 1 during the week and the car performed much better with the repairs. Early in the feature, opening night winner Dan Schulz was able to chase down the leader but as the race wore Taylor got stronger and Schulz would have to settle for the runner-up spot. The best battle of the race was for the third spot, with Tommy Kemp holding off persistent challenges from Byron Dewitt to round out the podium. Rich Conte would round out the top five.

Curt Rung scored his first career Mini Stock win in Batavia as he held back a fierce field to win the 15-lap feature. Rung, who had missed the last two Saturdays, jumped to the early lead but had Andy Schumaker beating down his back bumper from start to finish. Schumaker, who helped get Rung’s No. 24r set up before the races as he was running late to get to the track, was also looking for his first win at Genesee but could not find enough power off the corner to get by the leader. On the final lap, the leaders ran down a lapped cars and Rung was using it as a pick, which gave him a clear track to bring it home for the win. The lapped car also allowed Bill Weller Jr. to sneak by Schumaker at the line for second. Former track champions Dante Mancuso and Brad Whiteside rounded out the top five.

Allison Dewitt scored her fourth Novice Sportsman Feature win of the season leading all 15 laps to dominate the event. Dewitt used a comfortable line on the top of the track to keep Bailey Logsdon at bay, particularly in the final two laps after a caution bunched up the field. Logsdon would settle for her best finish in the division in second while John Livingston Jr. was third.

Bryson Hill made his second appearance of 2022 at Genesee as successful as his first trip as he returned to Victory Lane in the Bandits. Hill took the lead on lap six of the 10-lap event when leader Seth Johnson slowed and was forced to pit under a caution. It was around the point that Hill took the lead that he realized the top line was the place to be, particularly in turns one and two and would pull away for the win. As Hill was crossing under the checkered flags, second place Jaeden Tarr got out of shape off the final corner and crashed in to the front stretch wall, enabling Jonathan Logsdon to cross in second. Joey Swick rounded out the top three.

Racing continues next Saturday with all six weekly classes in action starting at 6:00 P.M. on Saturday, June 4. For more information, visit

Genesee Speedway Results: 5/28/2022-

Troup’s Creek Heating/ East Coast Speed Night

RUSH Late Model Tour Feature (30 Laps)- CHAD HOMAN, John Waters, Joe Martin, Jeremy Wonderling, Logan Roberson, Cody Dawson, Dennis Lunger Jr., Chris Fleming, Dustin Waters, Doug Ricotta, Jason Knowles, Matt Latta, Dave DuBois, Breyton Santee, Brady Wonderling, Joe Long, Ashton Briggs, JJ Mazur, Aaron Miller, Chuck LaFleur, Jimmy Johnson, David Pangrazio, Jason Genco, Steve LeBarron, Mikey Wonderling.

Lap Leaders- Martin 1-11, Homan 12-30.

Non-Qualifiers Feature (8 Laps)- JON RIVERS, Andy Michael, Brandt Graham, Jonathan Stockdale, Jim Rasey, Craig Graham, Austin Allen, Todd Chapman, T.J. Downs (DNS), Alan Chapman (DNS), Dave Stolzenberg (DNS).

Heat Winners- Roberson, Martin, Waters, Lunger.

Quick Time- Roberson 16.765 seconds

B-Main Winner- M. Wonderling, DuBois.

Stirling Lubricants DIRTcar Sportsman Feature (25 Laps)- DAVE CONANT, Cam Tuttle, Kyle Richner, Noah Walker, Phil Vigneri III, Jim Harbison, Ray Bliss, Brandon Michaud, Adam Hilton, Jacob Bansmer, Larry Vick, Tyler Guzzardi, Michael McCarthy, Ryan Barrett (DNS), Jordan Moden (DNS).

Lap Leader- Richner 1-3, Conant 4-25.

Heat Winners- Walker, Harbison.

Yasses Trucking and Construction Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- BILL TAYLOR, Dan Schulz, Tommy Kemp, Byron Dewitt, Rich Conte, Ian Travis, Phil Schepis, Chuck Mogavero, Jacob Vick, Zach Walsh, Mike Kelly, Kenny Begouche, Dale Rissinger Jr., Jesse Qutermous.

Lap Leaders- Taylor 1-20.

Heat Winners- Taylor, Walsh.

The Detail Shop Mini Stock Feature (15 Laps)- CURT RUNG, Bill Weller Jr., Andy Schumaker, Dante Mancuso, Brad Whiteside, Rob Knapp II, Jessica Schleede, Olivia Coniber, James Gayton, Cole Susice, Brian Johnson, Josh Schosek, Ashley Mackey, Andrew Stevens, Corey Valade, Cody Wise, Daniel Valade, Rocco Conte, Caleb Wolcott, Tom Knapp (DNS), Eric Brumsted (DNS).

Heat Winners- Weller, Mancuso, R. Knapp.

Ron and Newt’s Sales and Service Novice Sportsman Feature (15 Laps)- ALLISON DEWITT, Bailey Logsdon, John Livingston Jr., Paul Mayhill.

Lap Leaders- Dewitt 1-15.

DML Sealing Bandit Feature (10 Laps)- BRYSON HILL, Jonathan Logsdon, Joey Swick, Morgan Conbier, Jaeden Tarr, Seth Johnson, Vinny Dickinson, Tyler Foster.

Lap Leaders- Johnson 1-5, Hill 6-10.

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