Future presence of Tesla in India

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The stock market of Tesla is going through very good conditions and goodness is also going to come to India very soon. Let’s discuss the presence of Tesla stock (NASDAQ TSLA) in the Indian market.

Tesla is one of the very popular companies which works in the field of manufacturing electric vehicles. Along with it, there are some other companies also but the name which is in limelight these days is the name of Tesla mainly. This buzzing around is mainly due to the benefits it may have due to the presidential election of the US.

The result of the election is almost known by all and that is the reason investors have great excitement about the Election and effect of its result on the stock rate of the company. Since the last couple of years, the company is having some great dips also and now they have a great reason to enjoy this very latest moment.

India is still not from those countries where Tesla is working. At present, you can’t buy any car from Tesla in India. But the same situation may no longer prevail. The reason behind this is the conversation between the CEO of Tesla, Mr Musk and some Twitter users. In some recent Twitter conversation, some users asked about the arrival of the Tesla cars in India. The response they got for this question was equally amazing just like the happy moods of the investors in Tesla company.

In his reply to the user’s question, Mr musk just gave the hints about the arrival of the Tesla in the Indian market in Jan 2021. He didn’t give the details about it but yet the reply was very good for the Indian people.

Some asked about the problems he is facing or will face while entering India. In the response of this question, Mr Musk replied that the terms and conditions for business in India as a foreigner is not as good as it should be. He also mentioned the politics behind it. But whatsoever may be the reason, if the company is finally going to give its presence in India in 2021, then nothing like this issue matters more.

In his Twitter post he also mentioned that in 2015, the current Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi Visited the company headquarters in California. In his presence, Mr Musk welcomed him warmly and offered him a tour of his electric car units. Maybe that is the reason, Tesla is going to work in the Indian market too from Next year. For more information , you can check TSLA news.

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