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Even prior to the existing mayhem, typical quick Ford values had shot up. Capris, Cortinas and Cossies of every stripe have been big funds for a even though now, the highly effective mixture of nostalgia and the standard decimation of survivors sending inquiring rates into the stratosphere. Then appreciation started out to get to the much more contemporary fast Fords, then the fewer noteworthy – then seemingly every car ever produced with a Blue Oval on the front and a spoiler on the again.ย 

These days we dwell in the planet of the ยฃ30k Granada V6, ยฃ70k Capri and ยฃ150k Escort Cossie. Irrespective of how considerably you loved currently being taken on holiday getaway in the back again of dadโ€™s Ghia X or watching the WRC on telly, which is insanity. And let us not forget what took place with Dianaโ€™s RS Turbo, a hammer price so obscene weโ€™ll not repeat it for panic of resulting in offence.

Issue becoming that, even though terrific rapidly Fords like the Concentration RS and Racing Puma will usually deservedly catch the attention of interest, there are loads of normal vehicles out there with chunky inquiring charges purely on account of a badge and comparative (at times basically meant) rarity. Which should to suggest that this Cougar V6 fees about ยฃ40k there ended up never that several in the 1st spot, it is in wonderful ailment and it hails from that New Edge period – consider Ka, Puma, Focus – thatโ€™s now prime fashionable typical territory. When theyโ€™re not overall rust buckets.

But no – this 74,000-mile, one particular-operator Cougar is just ยฃ3,995. Youโ€™d spend much more for a similar Mondeo with the exact engine. It would seem that the Cougarโ€™s unpopularity when new (it is believed that just 12,000 have been bought in the Uk) has continued into its secondhand daily life and accompanies it now all the way to in the vicinity of-obscurity. Which, you know what, looks a little bit unfair.ย 

Alright, there werenโ€™t quite a few followers of the styling when new, and it would probably be fair to say this is not one of the timeless New Edge greats in the way that each Concentrate and Ka are. On the other hand, it now seems so completely of its time (and the 1990s are stylish once more) that to only keep design and style from the Cougar looks unfair. You are unquestionably going to search twice in 2022 purely on account of how (truly) exceptional it is. Furthermore, the Cougar could never quite rival the more compact Puma as a coupe to really seize by the scruff of the neck and push – but that was always likely to be a quite lop-sided comparison, pitched as it was in opposition to a person of the finest front-wheel generate chassis at any time. By all accounts the Cougar was not terrible (it was Mondeo-based soon after all, and every person loved that), it just lacked the traditional rear-drive charm of a Capri or the sheer brilliance of a Puma.

Now, nearly 25 yrs right after launch and with this one already earlier 20, probably itโ€™s time to reassess the Cougar. Or at minimum slash it some slack. Itโ€™ll in no way be the most effective-seeking or ideal driving Ford ever, but, as we have included, that has not stopped a good deal of some others from commanding massive bucks. Nowadays it is a exceptional and interesting retro cruiser, a throwback to the days when coupes werenโ€™t SUV based mostly and a significant V6 with a guide gearbox was a appealing flagship. This 1 even has the X Pack, for total best-of-the-variety bragging rights. Itโ€™ll be the ideal issue for a Ford festival, harmless in the know-how you havenโ€™t had to spend ยฃ20k for something qualified.

The MOT on this one particular has just lately expired, which is a pity, even though thereโ€™s very little too terrifying in the modern record to counsel a new ticket must be tricky to get. Something to variable into an provide, most likely. A lot more than anything at all it looks like the previous bruiser just wants driving it obtained by means of 70,000 miles in 2015 however, is now getting offered with less than 75k 7 yrs afterwards. So maybe the motor vehicle is going to need a little bit of money spent to provide it back to its ideal, but so will most cars and trucks from 2001 by now. As a uncommon and attention-grabbing little bit of rapidly(ish) Ford history, it is not tough to see the allure in this outdated Cougar. Give it a further 21 many years and it may well be really worth as a great deal as all the othersโ€ฆ


Motor: 2,544cc, V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual, front-wheel push
Electric power (hp): [email protected],250rpm
Torque (lb ft): [email protected],250rpm
MPG: 29.4
CO2: 228g/km
12 months registered: 2001
Recorded mileage: 75,000
Cost new: N/A
Yours for: ยฃ3,995

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