A Quick Guide to Vehicle Features for Small Businesses 

Mary N

Choosing a business vehicle is not the same as choosing a personal one. It requires a lot of considerations to ensure one makes the right choice. A business vehicle is an asset that should add value to any business, not the other way around. Some of the features and factors an entrepreneur should consider while shopping for a business vehicle are as follows:

Cargo Capacity

Does the vehicle have enough cargo space suitable for its purpose? How many cubic feet can it accommodate? These are just a few of the questions a buyer should consider. The practical approach of a business person should be to ensure the business vehicle can cater to all the business’s unique transportation needs. For instance, if the vehicle transports glass, it should come with racks and other safety fittings that can facilitate this kind of product transportation.

Branding needs

“Even when a car is in the parking lot, it still represents a brand.” Business owners should choose vehicles with good door panels that can be used for branding and advertising. If this is the case, the vehicle doors’ color and size are major features to consider. Vehicles with sharp angles on their doors may not be ideal for branding, which is a very effective mode of advertising.


Just because a business starts small doesn’t mean it will remain that way forever. Hence, an entrepreneur should purchase assets, such as vehicles, keeping in mind that the business will one day expand. If a retail shop grows into a wholesale and eventually a distributor, the most suitable vehicle will be a mid-size truck, not a small vehicle.

Loading Ramp

If a business needs a truck or semi-truck for transportation of goods, a ramp is a must. Some trucks come with their ramp for the sole purpose of assisting users in loading their valuable goods. In most cases, buyers forget about this vital feature and end up spending more on fabricating an alternative. Any business that has to deal in consumer goods must at some point use a loading ramp. Buyers should consider this feature as a vital component when they shop for their semi-truck or van.

Resale Value

Some businesses are open to serve a particular purpose and only for a short period. Once the lease is over, business owners have to liquidate their assets. Vehicles are among the fixed assets on that resale list. If the vehicles’ model, quality, and condition are good, so is the resale value and vice-versa. Entrepreneurs should choose cars that will not end up in a junkyard after a few years of service.


The cost of a vehicle should be worth its value. One shouldn’t pay extra for utilities they won’t require for their business. It is not a necessity to have extra seats in the cargo room of a business vehicle. Business owners should instead go for efficiency and reliability in place of comfort and face value.


An entrepreneur may forget to consider the cost of maintenance, making all the difference between buying a brand new and a used car. Used vehicles may be cheap, but they have hidden maintenance and running costs. In some cases, the vehicle may be new but costly to maintain. These are the vehicles business owners should shy away from, as they are more of a liability than an asset to the business.

Terrain and Weather Conditions

Any business owner should understand the terrain and weather of their business location. This kind of information helps one to make the right decision when purchasing a vehicle. The terrain and weather conditions should inform the buyer of what kind of vehicle to buy. Vehicles come with unique modifications to adapt to different environments and terrain. Business owners should keep in mind these modifications and purchase vehicles ideal for their terrain and weather conditions.

Purchasing a car for a small business is a huge investment. Besides the regular gasoline and frequent repair costs, an entrepreneur needs to plan for a replacement vehicle every few years. Company vehicles accrue high mileage and incur a lot more damage than personal-use vehicles, especially if many individuals use them. However, getting an ideal vehicle for specific business needs can ensure business benefits fully from its services. Keep these things in mind the next time you are looking at dump trucks for sale, or for any other specialized vehicles you need for your business.

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