A Guide on How to Get Your Car Tested In the UAE?

Hey! Do you want to sell ant car? Did you realize that before you can sell any car in Dubai, it needs to be tested? Get a complete guide to get your car tested as it is a must-do thing to test your car otherwise it won’t be sold or bought by anyone.

If you want to sell any car in Dubai or you want to buy any car, and the car is more than two years old, than it must pass a test and get a proper certificate before selling or buying a car. New vehicles or vehicles that are under two years of age don’t need to be tried except if they are acquired from an unapproved vehicle operator in the UAE.

In case you’re are purchasing a vehicle that is under two years of age and is utilized (100+ km on the odometer), the vehicle should be tried before purchasing/selling. Ask the seller that you want to try the car and test its drive too. The RTA won’t actually advise you that the vehicle must be examined following a year. In any case, the Registration Authority in your regarded Emirate will send you an update that your vehicle should be re-enlisted by means of electronic message. It is a must that you test your car when you purchase and sell any car and when re-enlisting.

Where to Get the Car Tested?

The testing offices be discovered everywhere throughout the Emirates with the most eminent ones being Emarat Shamil, ENOC Tasjeel and Tamam. There are others that are enlisted with the Authorities. Most if not all are found right beside an enrollment focus over the UAE.

What do they check?

Here is a list of technical inspection list you must know that the authorities will check.

Slowing mechanism

  • Exhaust emissions
  • Brake system
  • Suspension
  • Lighting equipment
  • Wheels
  • Tires
  • Engine
  • Axles
  • Visibility
  • Bodywork and frame
  • Gearbox

As the Inspector has given the all unmistakable, you will be given a test outcome declaration which is compulsory for selling a car. They are legitimate for 30 Days. There is likewise the standard information/development AED 20 charge. You can’t have a vehicle tried in another Emirate to which it is enrolled. For instance, if the vehicle is enlisted in Dubai, it can’t be tried in Sharjah.

What to do If Car Fails the Test?

On the off chance that the inspector finds a deficiency with any of the recently referenced things, the vehicle will naturally fail the test and can’t be enlisted in the UAE regardless of whether it is an oil spill until fixed. When fixed, you should re-test the vehicle, with the past review report, a re-test will cost AED 50.

Shamil offers a free retest in the Northern Emirates as long as 15 days, after that its the standard AED 50. Vehicles with suspension harm or have been in a significant mishap can’t be enrolled in the UAE. The test should take around 30 minutes, and once it’s finished, you’ll get a test outcome testament.

Hope this guide will help you get your vehicle tested if you want to sell your car dubai car or want to buy it. Get it tested before it.