4 Best Car Part Platforms to Look for in Sweden.

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Sweden’s automobile industry is commendable. This comes especially in the assorted auto car parts business. 

There are auto car parts made for different types of vehicles and one can get the spare parts of their liking. 

If you decide to purchase car parts online you are highly advised to read honest reviews from viable platforms. 

Omdomesstalle is such an online review platform with reviews on companies such as ABS wheels that have car part products on sale ae reviews by Swedish people who’ve used such services before.

This caveat is just to make you get the best deals from legitimate companies. Below are some of the companies renown for their services in the motor auto parts industry

  1. Mekonomen 

It’s an affiliated car workshop that today can proudly present itself as an Approved car workshop. 

It is a  car workshop that has been in the industry for more than  20 years and is constantly working to develop its business. It deals with everything from hybrid cars, AC  service,  electric cars,  clutch replacements, timing belt service certificates, and more.

 With the right skills anywhere, customer service is often guaranteed in this case, safe car ownership is guaranteed. 

Through its premises and online platforms, the company helps private customers &  companies with their cars,  everything from old cars to new ones. The company is also specialized in performing repairs such as engine breakdowns, AC  repairs,  clutch breakdowns, and even simple jobs such as tire punctures. 

Customers can also be offered tire storage and the tire change is included in the price.

  1. Autoexperten

These car experts offer everything in car repair and car service. At their workshops, you get expert help with what you need and in their webshop, you can buy everything you need to fix the car yourself.

 The website is modern and easy to find. If you are looking for something specific,  you can just enter your registration number and get a  list of what suits your car. 

They also have several guides you can follow to do things yourself. For example,  they have a  guide on how to change tires,  which is a very simple thing and you can save a lot of money once you learn how to do it yourself. 

 You can also get price suggestions on various services directly on the web so you don’t have to go to a workshop to get them. All products you buy on the web always come with a 3-year  warranty. 

When you leave the car for service at an Autoexperten authorized workshop, so long as you keep your car’s warranty you do not have to return it to the original workshop you bought it.

  1. Bythjul

 They are the largest in Sweden on rims and tire replacement, they offer fast deliveries and they have a Nordic range for the Swedish summer.

 The company’s website is both simple to use and easy to navigate. It is incredibly easy to order new tires via Bythjul,  it is just a  matter of  4  simple steps. 

It starts with you looking for the tires and rims that fit your particular car, after that the delivery is very fast and you can choose whether you want the package directly brought to you or your workshop.

 After that,  just get the new tires installed on your car and you are good to go. By shopping via Bythjul you will save up to 40%  compared to regular tire workshops. 

Regardless of whether you are looking for summer tires,  cheap car tires,  winter tires, or hot aluminum rims,  Bythjul has it all.  It offers whatever you want for the model of the car you possess.

The delivery time will vary depending on the product you have purchased. 

  1. Tirendo 

Tirendo has an incredibly clear and easy-to-navigate website where you are guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Inside Tirendo you will be able to find the tires that will give you the highest safety in traffic. 

Whether you are looking for new summer tires,  winter tires, or all-season tires,  you will be able to find them on this website. 

Once you have chosen the tires that you want,  order them and then choose to change the tires at home yourself or not.

If you are not interested in doing so, Tirendo can help you as they work with the best assembly workshops around Sweden. 

On the website, you can smoothly go through different categories if you know exactly what you are looking for. Regardless of what you choose to order, shipping will always be free.

 You can get your new tires  delivered  right  to your doorstep and with a 30-day  return policy 

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