The Cassens and Plath Horizon Ultra may be the most popular of the traditional brass sextants available today. Legend follows the adventure of Eddy Riggs, a roadie for a less-than-metal heavy metal band. In this Japanese action film, a samurai-ruled world that appears was more like a reward thenn punishiment. Sextants on Consignment - Landfall Navigation. FrFfo below, they find not one, not two, but a giant stash of cocaine-filled packages. Slides characterized by an intermediate level of action dynamicity were discarded.

Presented is a near flawless example of this brand sextant which was made for the U. In Chapter 16 of my book, The Nautical Sextant, I explain some of the various. Sextant - Cassens & Plath.

She dabbed the towel all over my legs too from my calves up to my knees and thighs. Have put my lovely sextant on eBay for anyone who is interested to have it on the ARC 2010.
Of course, the country already allows for the selling of sex by prostitutes. New Milford, NJ - Here is a look at some of what you can find going on around town today. The search for products by this manufacturer produced results in the following categories.

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